What is Brainspotting:


“Where we look affects how we feel”

Brainspotting is a treatment method that uses points in the clients visual field to identify, process and release the neurological source of emotional and physical pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, dissociation and other difficult to treat psychological symptoms.

Many people have been in therapy for a long time. They addressed symptoms management, but never get to the root of the issue. Brainspotting is a tool that access the automatic and limbic system within the bodies central nervous system so individuals can gets to the root of the issues they are struggling with and make positive Long-Term changes.

Traditional Talk therapy accesses the neo-cortex “conscious thinking brain”. Brainspotting is a brain and body treatment that targets the sub-cortex. It bypasses the conscious neo-cortical thinking (neo-cortex) to access deep sub-cortical emotional and body-based parts of the brain where much subconscious and unconscious connections occur.


What is a Brainspot? from VidPros on Vimeo.